Crypto Commerce, Payments & DeFi Platform

“The Amazon and Alibaba of Crypto”

E-Commerce & Crypto Marketplace

DeFi Staking on Ethereum & Binance 



Total Ecosystem for Global Commerce


Self-hosted payment processing without fees for merchants and consumers. Supports for Tex, Bitcoin, and Lightning Network payments for micro-transactions. TexPay is fully integrated with Tex Market for a seamless user experience.

Crypto E-Commerce

Buy and Sell physical and digital goods scalable to millions of products without fees. Secure and decentralized commerce for all powered by blockchain and digital currencies. Multi-vendor ready with dashboard and advanced analytics.

Crypto DeFi

Globally inclusive and decentralized financial services with future support for lending, borrowing and staking services. Tex token holders can earn rewards by contributing various resources that strengthen the Tex Ecosystem.

Tex Market Features

Tex-Market-Ecommerce-Icon Decentralized Commerce

Buy and sell goods with Bitcoin and Tex cryptocurrency with 0% fees and instant settlement globally

Tex-Market-Millions-of-Products-Icon Millions of Products

Our technology and scalability enables global commerce for millions of products in various categories

Tex-Market-Multi-Vendor-Icon Multi-Vendor

Vendor dashboard, tools and analytics for merchants to sell directly to customers with minimal friction

Tex-Market-Micro-Transactions-Icon Micro-transactions

Bitcoin Lightning Network payments enable micro-transactions without fees for vendors and customers

TexPay Features

TexPay-Lightning-Payments-icon Lightning Payments

Bitcoin Lightning Network payments for instant settlement of micro-transactions that are highly scalable and without fees

Texpay-Ecommerce-Integration-icon-1 E-Commerce Integration

Fully integrative with Tex Market and Tex vendors to process crypto invoices securely and without fees

TexPay-Bitcoin-Commerce-icon-gold-1 Bitcoin Commerce

Natively transact using Bitcoin, the world's most decentralized, secure and global currency

TexPay-Robust-Secuirty-icon-gold-1 Robust Security

Built on open source and thoroughly tested code to ensure robust transaction security and functionality

Tex DeFi Features

Tex-Defi-Crypto-lending-1 Crypto Lending

Lend and borrow digital assets on the blockchain without origination, withdrawal or termination fees

Crypto Staking

Earn rewards in exchange for providing computational resources that strength the overall network

Tex-Defi-Stablecoin-Integration-icon-1 Stablecoin Integration

Mitigate volatility risk in transactions with blockchain-backed stable currencies and instant settlement

Tex-DeFi-Decentralized-exchange-icon-1 Decentralized Exchange

Trade and transact in various digital assets with limited friction and centralized risk


Tex Market launches scalable E-Commerce platform
TexPay launches Defi-crypto payments platform
Tex Crypto Gift Cards launches for over 200 Brands.
Tex Total Exchange Market launches multi-vendor tools.

In Progress

Tex Token Sale
Uniswap and DEX Listings and Pools
Tex Total Exchange Defi: Staking Services and Rewards
Smart Contracts & DeFi Commerce

Our Innovative Team

Total Exchange team hails from Luxury Ledger, an innovative startup and winner of Google & Techstar’s Blockchain competition. Watch the full video here.

Bobby Singh

Founder & CEO

Barclays, UBS, BCG

Kurt Wedgwood

Product Advisory

IBM North America Blockchain Leader for Retail & Consumer Goods

Rob Williams

Business Strategy

RSM Capital Partners, Harvard MBA

Evan Pancis

E-Commerce Strategy

Tech Infrastructure

Lenny Fishler

Software Engineer

IBM Watson ML, Braze

Sandeep Kumar

Blockchain Consultant

Accenture, Konnected Mindz

Andrew Fiorentino

PR & Marketing

Optymyze, RotoWire, Zagster

Roger Osorio

Executive Strategy & Coaching

IBM, Startup Weekend Facilitator, University of Pennsylvania Faculty

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Token Symbol TEX
Token Type ERC20 and BEP20
Token Function Payment/Utility for Goods
Ancillary Function DeFi Commerce and Staking
USD Price/Token ~$ 0.05 USD
Circulating Supply 35 M
Presale Hardcap $1 M USD

Token Sale


Total Exchange Vision is to become world’s largest crypto-goods marketplace with secure, and decentralized DeFi services for all.
DeFi or Decentralized Finance is quite simply the provision of automated finance to people around the world. DeFi leverages the capability of blockchain networks like Ethereum and others to provide automated finance opportunities directly between transacting partners without the need of a middleman like a bank.
TEX token is the native crypto-currency and digital asset powering the World's Largest Crypto & DeFi Marketplace.
TEX tokenomics have been carefully designed to balance both token incentives and token scarcity. Circulating Supply will be limited to only 60M tokens at launch. With DeFi incentives TEX token holders and Liquidity Providers can stake and farm for additional rewards up to Max Supply of 200M tokens. There is also a monthly burn program by Tex Foundation DAO that burns 10% of total supply.
In efforts to bootstrap TEX liquidity on Uniswap and decentralized exchanges we are launching a one-time Presale Liquidity Offering token sale. We are looking to raise $3M USD at an overage token price of $.08 with 60M circulating supply at launch. Proceeds of the token sale will be locked in liquidity smart contracts on Ethereum (Uniswap) and Binance Chain (Pancake Swap)decentralized exchanges.
TEX Presale token holders and Liquidity Providers can stake and farm additional 140M TEX token rewards. There is also a monthly burn program by Tex Foundation DAO that burns 10% of total supply to ensure added token scarcity.
Tex Market is world's largest multi-vendor crypto goods and services marketplace. Our platform is live and we continually improve our roadmap to meet our vision of decentralizing global commerce.
TexPay is Total Exchange's native crypto payment processing platform with support for TEX, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning for micro-transactions at near 0% cost to buyers and sellers.

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